Dances and Music from Around the World!

Dance for fun, for fitness, for fulfilment...

Circle Dance comes from the tradition of communities dancing together, a tradition which is timeless in origin and yet relevant today in its capacity to foster togetherness. Much of the Circle Dance repertoire comes from the Balkan countries: Bulgaria, Romania, Serbo-Croatian cultures, Macedonia and Greece. The dances are sometimes related to a particular time of year or festival but many are done at any gathering of people, at weddings, funerals, festivals or feast days. In fact, if you've ever seen Greek dancing, you already have a good idea of what circle dancing is! 

 Dancing on Cape Cod, USA, Sept. 2017. Photo by Niccy Cordner

In York, there are classes, workshops, weekends and special events for you to join in. Karen Michaelsen, York based Circle Dance Teacher, has been leading all sorts of courses and events since 1997. 

Circle Dance could be called International Dance for Wellbeing as well, since dancing in a circle benefits mind, body and spirit. Circle Dance is a very accessible form of dance for people of all ages and abilities, with  the emphasis  on participation, not performance!

From Albania to Istanbul residential weekend April 2018  Photo by Averil Rushton 

The dances vary in pace from slow to very fast and everything in between! The pace too, affects the mood, as slow dances are often more reflective and meditative while fast dances are expansive and energizing! Above all, Circle Dance is enjoyable and fun, and many people would say, life-enriching.

Dancing in York Explore, photo by Frank Dwyer

Different music, different rhythms, different moves, all this creates a unique experience of dancing.

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