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Horo! Bulgarian Song and Dance 15-17 November 2019

"An incredible experience...a pleasure to work with Eugenia [Georgieva] and gain the insight into the very different style of music and singing."

'As soon as we sang the first tune, enveloped by the love and support of the circle, our confidence soared!'

"I feel really energised and uplifted by the whole experience. and have been humming Bulgarian tunes all day."

 'I had an amazing time....what a wonderful event.'

quotes from singers who worked with Eugenia Georgieva and then

sang acapella for the dancing. Horo! York November 2019 

 Celebrate the Summer, 21-23 June2019, Cober Hill, North Yorkshire

"the time at Cober Hill is so special. Amazing dancing and time with friends. It frees me."

'Exhilerating, exciting, emotional, entrancing!' 

 "Life enhancing Summer magic."

'The music and dancing combine to go straight to my soul.'

"another awesome & magical weekend. Your dancing is inspirational." 

Crossing Borders, Hathersage, Derbyshire 27 April 2019.

a truly amazing day yesterday. Such joyful and exuberant dances, and the music.... bliss.

Thank you for an excellent day. I couldn't fault it in any way…The musicians are so talented

...magical moments...

Live music was perfect.

It was a lovely day and today I feel refreshed and happy. 

Dance the Winter Fire, residential weekend 23-25 November 2018

"Wonderfully energising and supportive. Enjoyed every minute."

"Karen has a special way of teaching dances which makes them easier (!) than usual and so enjoyable." 

"An unforgettable weekend thanks to the vivacity, care and talent of Karen."

"Thanks to your wonderful teaching, I danced dances I wouldn't have thought possible." 

Horo! Bulgarian Song and Dance 30 June 2018

'An absolutely lovely day-clear, interesting teaching, challenging (but doable) dances and the wonderful live music. Everyone involved has worked so hard.'

'I always really like the way Karen teaches. The sounds, (of the singers) words, harmonies were amazing; culminating experience of dancing with the singers also dancing was unforgettable!'

'It was so good to have singing & dancing..together!'

'Acapella singing as accompaniment was inspired. Karen, as always, you retain the essence of the dance throughout each bit of teaching. I enjoyed every dance.'

'Excellent teaching to guide us through tricky rhythms and hand/feet coordination. Great choice of material. Loved the singing!'

'The whole thing was amazing! Brilliant teaching, wonderful singing, fabulous dances.' 

From Albania to Istanbul 20-22 April 2018 

"Live music: dancers and musicians working together. A joy!"

 "Wonderful, Created it's own soul."

 "Good teaching, wonderful music, stunning combination!"

"Wonderful setting!"

"Deeply restorative."

"It was a beautiful, delightful, danceful weekend with special memories..."

Celebrate the Summer 23-25 June 2017

'A brilliant weekend-loved the in-depth of the teaching-lots to think about and remember.'

'Such a wonderful and appropriate selection of dances-at times I was transported.'

'My first weekend. What a treat. Lovely music, dancing & company.'

'Superb & considerate organisation & teaching as always.'

'I returned home with a renewed sense of the beauty in the world and gratitude for having the opportunity to appreciate it.'

'I especially enjoyed all the history of the dances & how they evolved.'

'I so enjoyed the Greek theme.' 

'It never ceases to amaze me at how you introduce new things/ideas/information.' 

Dance the Winter Fire 25-27 November 2016 Cober Hill Residential Weekend

'a brilliant weekend', 
'the best residential weekend I've been to!' 
'Everything was perfect: the dancing, the teaching, the location, the facilities.' 
'You bring so much more to the experience than "just" dancing!' 
'I loved the way you challenged us and guided us into finding the fire within and 
the way that energy was held in the whole circle…Your care and skill with the 
whole group shone through. Wonderful laughter too!' 
'It was great meeting people from all over the country….I felt most welcome.' 
(a first timer)


From Albania to Istanbul- 24 Sept. 2016           Puriton, Somerset

'Thank you for bringing the theme of the Via Egnatia. Travelling across with dances'.

'Wonderfully inspirational-challenging at times, but whetted my appetite for more of the "unusual" rhythms. Great "taste" of far-off lands...very helpful style of teaching too.'

'Thank you for the choice of dances for the journey and for the easy, inclusive nature of the leading.' 

'Such clarity of teaching with gorgeously complex rhythms: a joy!'

'Thank you for relating the music & dances so clearly to the countries they come from & where they are!'                                        'So cleverly taught, emphasising the rhythm & the shape...'

Celebrate the Autumn Gold 23-25 October 2015

'Wonderful venue. Excellent teacher. Good choice of dances.'

'A triumph of organisation Karen.'

'Karen, you're so good at breaking the steps down and teaching us- also at creating such a lovely positive affirming atmosphere. Thank you!'

'Loved company. Loved music. Loved dances. Loved ++ live music++. Thank you for brilliant weekend everyon. Loved food and venue.'

'I feel open and stretched beautifully by a wonderful circle. Thank you.'

'I love the way the weekend evolved. Joy + care + fun +wonderful teaching, music and dances. Thank you!'

'Brilliant. Thank you.'

'What a wonderful weekend. Thank you Karen and fellow dancers.'

'Loved live music too and the singing.'

'Beautifully decorated and atmospheric dance space. Great selection of dances-loved the different themes & great pacing. Loved the band. Thank you so much.'

Celebrate the Autumn Gold 24-26 October 2014

'Exhilarating,  joyous, wonderfully orchestrated. A fantastic weekend!'

'I was worried I would be too 'rusty' but I needn't have as all dances were gone through so thoroughly.'

'Uplifting, enriching, learning and connecting with each other....perfect location too!'

'I love the way you build up on the steps - what initially looks complicated can be achieved and much enjoyed.'

'The weekend has warmed my soul ready for the quiet winter. The music, setting, company and most importantly the dance was wonderful!'

'Fantastic teaching. Great to have some surprises...' 

'I loved the live music, the band and singing on Saturday evening and then the contrast on Sunday morning. The setting, dances and the whole weekend were splendid.' 

Meditational Dances for Endings and Beginnings - Sunday 29 December 2013

' ...the space you created was magical and the dances just right. I loved having the Earth theme alongside the other ones for the time of year, and I felt so much more grounded when I left, which I was much in need of.'

'I dance all over the country and this is the best!' 

Autumn Gold Sunday 29 September 2013

It was a grand day! Here are some quotes from the dancers:

'Lovely selection of dances and great to do Harvest Moon live!'

'Really fantastic programme....a beautiful day.' 

'Great band.' 

'Singing and dancing thro' fields of gold - wonderful!' 

Celebrate the Autumn, Cober Hill October 2012

'The setting of the fields and sea with the gold of the trees wonderfully complimented the tranquility of Cober Hill. The dancing gave me a golden feeling to take away with me...'

'loved all the dances and the music. A special atmosphere...'

'....beautiful surroundings and friendly company. Good instructions with the dancing especially for a novice.'

Dance the Winter Fire November 2011

 "Try to better that!"

"What more can we say? Wonderful. Loved having the band session in the middle of two splendid days."

Thank you for a wonderful weekend-the band seemed to enjoy playing for us as much as we enjoyed dancing for them!"

"Brilliant - ALL of it..."

"Thank turned us all into dancing flames..."

The Istrian Experience September 2011

 "I thought Karen's teaching was so patient and straightforward that even dances that at first seemd incredibly complicated were achievable."

"Dancing a nice variety and clearly and patiently taught and encouraged with a sense of humour."

Dance Your Inner Fire, 12 March 2011

"Lost myself completely in the dance...."

"Lovely, Lovely, Lovely as always - really inspiring."

"Excellent workshop - very powerful music and dancing!"

Less is More, a dance course for experienced circle dancers, January 2011

 "I liked being 'stretched' that bit more, and I really enjoyed the music."

"The music was lovely, and repetition of the dances made the music more meaningful."

"All been fab- very restorative to the spirit and mental well being-good to get to grips with them."

Dances from Asia Minor and the Greek Islands, Malvern, 3 July 2010.

 "Loved the day. The dance got into my feet as the day went on. Great no-nonsense teaching. Interesting background information. Such wonderful rhythms!"

"The steps seemed to travel from Karen's feet to ours very easily."

"Your teaching is clear and full of gifts."

Celebrate the Rose Window, Dancing in York Minster, North Transept. 23 January 2010

 "It was a lovely experience dancing to such beautiful music- the band was really good, the dances were varied and so well taught that we couldn't help but enjoy them. Your hard work and thoughtfulness gave us all a perfect evening."                            

"It was the highlight of my year."                   

"What a fabulous experience!"

Summer 2009 - Drop in Summer Term

"Informal, refreshing fun in the middle of the summer desert."

"A great way of meeting new friends from other classes and trying new dances."

"I loved the extension to the summer class. Minimal teaching, just memory jogging, just the way I like it!"

Circle Dance in Your Garden 23 August 2009

"The gardens were lovely and the cake was yummy."

"So many lovely experiences in one day; lovely music, mixed gardens and a contented time. So relaxing!"

"Wonderful mix of gardens! Each one with its individual character. Lovely food!....I enjoyed every minute."

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