In September 2017, I taught two workshops in Massachusetts, both with different themes and both in very different venues! And some of my family were able to join us.

Earth My Body - New Harmony Farm, Newbury, Mass.

My niece, Kirsten, hosted me as she and her partner, Ben, live on the farm. The theme related to the New Harmony ethos of building community, healing and respecting the land, growing organic and nourishing food, all principles that I believe in and try to live by.  This year was the first year that the Barn has begun to be developed as a venue for activities that support these principles such a drum circle, tai chi, workshops on growing food and nutrition. The theme, Earth My Body, was to connect us to our bodies, our Mother Earth and to develop community and connection through the dance. Dancers came from the farm, the local community and from around New Hampshire. It was such a pleasure and a privilege to lead the first circle dance workshop there!


Our workshop space with a pounded earth floor!



The earth floor was a joy to dance on! 

And we celebrated the harvest by dancing outdoors! 

Dance to the Balkan Beat - Wood's Hole, Mass.

For this workshop, I was hosted by Bobbi Bailin, who generously offered me a space within her Cape Cod Retreat week. Her large group of dancers were from all over the Easter seaboard, including the Bahamas! The theme related to my various travels and dance seminars/tours in Albania, Bulgaria and Greece. It was a joy to share it with them. They were a very enthusiastic, receptive and appreciative group who didn't hesitate to say what they enjoyed about the dancing and my teaching. It was also such a treat that my sister, Nancy, was able to join in the dancing!


A lovely community hall that 'sits' on the Wood's Hole water! 


 Many, many thanks to all the dancers who took a risk and danced with me and special BIG  thanks to Kirsten, Bobbi and Nancy for believing this would work!