Karen is available as a guest teacher in on a wide variety of themes, including workshops specialising in Greek, Bulgarian, Gypsy/Roma , women's dances, and seasonal themes. Use the contact form to enquire for more information.

Horo! Bulgarian Song and Dance   Saturday 30 June 2018                                       Puriton, Somerset

It is a great pleasure to be returning to Puriton once again. This time, the workshop will be a different approach with the dancers dancing to acapella singing for part of the day. It is very exciting to confirm that Eugenia Georgieva, Bulgarian singing teacher and performer in the Perunika Trio, will be leading the singing workshops prior to the workshop day. This is the authentic Bulgarian experience! We will also do some dances with belt hold, so please bring a belt or scarf that you can loosely tie around your waist. For more information and details please contact: Frances Fawkes, Tel: 01278-652586 or email: francesfawkes@gmail.com.

 Jubileum! Celebrating 21 Years                     Saturday 20 October 2018                                  Malvern, Worcestershire

My special celebratory year includes a welcome return visit to Malvern, to share a selection of the dances that I have introduced to the Circle Dance network over the years. Dances will be from Greece, Asia Minor, Bulgaria and Albania where I have travelled and studied with several native dance teachers. There may also be a few of my own choreographies. I look forward to sharing this special day with you! For more information and details, contact: Sunnara Vivian, Tel: 01886-832799 or email: sunnaravivian@waitrose.com